SUDDEN MASTER | The Kung Fu Series 


A coming of age story with a Kung Fu throw down. When Alex Cheng reluctantly inherits her estranged father's Martial Arts school, it is up to her to defend the family legacy in an underground competition. Sudden Master is a story about tradition, vengence and love. Taking inspiration from Kill Bill and Jackie Chan, with choreography created by a world champion martial artist, featuring stunt actors from Lost Girl and Scott Pilgrim.



Episode 01: Strength


After inheriting her estranged father’s Kung Fu studio and his feud with the MMA Daggers, Alex stubbornly issues a challenge. In her first round against a massive boxer, does Alex have the strength to succeed?


Episode 02: Economy


Alex is caught between two worlds, having to balance her responsibility for the studio with the expectations of her personal relationships. Will Alex learn to economize her energy, or be taken out by the MMA double team in the second round?

Episode 03: Sensitivity


As her training with Eric reveals his unexpected sensitive side, Jude questions her commitment to their relationship. Forced to make some tough decisions, Alex must master her instincts to defeat a shadowy ninja in third round.

Episode 04: Distance


Alex’s loss over Jude turns into rage against Eric. Distancing herself from everyone, Alex is forced to face a deeper pain - her father’s death. In the penultimate round, Alex faces off against MMA Dagger leader, Vienna, in a deadly weapons fight.

Episode 05: Intent


Alex, Eric and Jude take on Vienna and the Daggers in a massive final battle. Will Alex’s pure intentions be enough to defeat Vienna, or will she lose both herself and her father’s legacy?