Samantha Wan 
Creator / Producer / Writer 

Samantha is Toronto filmaker and a graduate from the renowned the National Theatre School of Canada. Samantha has been apart of acclaimed web series such as LeslievilleRuby Skye P.I , and Out With Dad. She is also one of the creators for Second Jen, a television sit-com in development at Rogers. In Kung Fu, Samantha is a dicpile of Grandmaster Sunny Tang studying Wing Chun. 

Davin Lengyel  
Producer / Editor  

Davin Lengyel is a television producer, and a pioneer and award winning 

producer in the field of web series. Davin was co-producer for Pure Pwange, a web series seen by over 10 million viewers, translated into 15 languages and adapted into a Gemini-nominated T.V series. Davin has produced numerous series including Space Janitors which recieved a Canadian Comedy award and Candian Screen Award for Best Web Series.   

Richard Young 
Co-Creator / Writer 

An alumnus of the Writers Guild of Canada Bell Media Diverse Screenwriters Program, Richard is also the creator/writer/lead actor in the sketch comedy web series Off2Kali, which was profiled by CBC’s Punchline. Other writing credits include the dramatic film Captive Love featuring Jennifer Dale and Art Hindle, the comedic film All For Davey, and various articles in Maclean's, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

Romeo Candido 

Romeo Candido is a content creator / producer who has extensive experience in television, film, and the music industry. Romeo co-founded The Digital Sweatshop, an independent film and television production company that created a diverse array of content ranging from documentaries, short films, narrative dramas and a feature length horror film released theatrically in SouthEast Asia. His transmedia project Prison Dancer has amassed close to a million views online, has had sold out screenings at film festivals.

Shannon Fewster  

Shannon Fewster is a Toronto-based Producer / Assistant Director.

After graduating from York University, Shannon has developed several short films including Divorce Photographer, produced with the National Screen Institute and Emily, a BravoFACT production. She has also had the privilege of working on Midnight’s Children, Directed by Deepa Mehta and Gerontophilia, Directed by Bruce LaBruce.

Alan Tang 
Fight Director  

Alan Tang is a seasoned industry stunt performer and coordinator. He has worked on large-scale productions such as Pacific Rim, Lost Girl, Robocop, Nikita, and Resident Evil. He works with Fast Motion studios serving as the stunt coordinator on shows such as Darknet . Alan Tang is a four-time Canadian all-round Wushu Champion, as well as three time Pan American all-round Champion and World Champion Double Bronze Medalist. 

Dave Lam 
Director of Photography  

Dave Lam is the founder of production company Spectacle Media and one of the creators of the martial art performance group Team Dim Sum. Dave graduated from Ryerson University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program for film and the Ryerson Certificate Program specializing in Film. Dave was introduced to the industry wile working at CBC Televisions A&E department. A Northern Shaolin Kung Fu martial artist since 1996, Dave’s passion for filmmaking spawned from his life of training martial arts, though he has expanded to create films of many different styles.