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Sudden Master uses a varietiy of martial arts, however it is most inspired by Wing Chun and Wu Shu.  


Wing Chun is a chinese martial art that has been around since the Qing dynasty, made popular by practioners Ip Man and his student Bruce Lee. Sunny Tang was a diciple to the late and grandmaster Master Moy Yat, one of Ip Man's top students. Sunny is a world reknowned Sifu himself, receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his accomplishments. 


Creator Samantha Wan has been a disciple of Grandmaster Tang for several years, and has found a home at the school. Fight Director Alan Tang helps his father run the school, where he also coaches world champion athletes. There are several schools in the Greater Toronto Area and across Canada, open to any level and any age. 


Check out the thier website for more information: 





"Kung Fu, means time spent doing hard work"

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